Top Myths about Burglary!

The top Myths about Burglary.

1. No matter how much security you have, burglars will still get in.

Hmm.. To a certain extent, that’s true – but if the reward doesn’t justify the effort why would they bother? If you take steps to properly secure your house then virtually every potential burglar will pop next door and turn over your neighbours place.

2. No one will break into my place – there’s nothing to steal!

Well, you may know that – but does the burglar? By the time he realizes that you’ve got nothing of real value, he will have smashed his way through every piece of furniture you own. Much better to stop him getting access to start with.

3. They won’t get past my dog..!

Trust me, I’ve been on jobs with bailiffs where they’ve backed the Doberman into the kitchen with a piece of lamb’s liver and shut it in. A dog-loving burglar won’t have any trouble with your dog either.

4. Good burglars will stake out a house for weeks – they will know exactly when the occupiers are out..

No. Most burglars are opportunists, just taking a chance.

Just as an aside, went to a job this morning where some low-life had garden hopped round the back and found a pair of French doors hadn’t been locked. They crept in, found a bunch of keys and tried to nick the owners car. They got disturbed though, so fled empty handed. But make sure you check all your doors are locked when you go to bed, even if you think your garden is too enclosed for burglars to get to!


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